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april 15, 2012 / yuyui9


Because I was busy being born the year Titanic was released, I was not able to watch it in cinema.
So today, I watched it in 3d.
Why am I writing this here?
I don’t know. Maybe because I want to share this with the public.
Or maybe.
Just maybe.
I am ignoring the fact that I need to clean my room.

But I tell you. It was wonderful.
Yes, I have obviously seen it a 100 times before but the 3d part was gorgeous, aND ALSO; there were a few scenes I hadn’t seen before.
Which was also pretty.

But it still makes me facepalm when she says I’ll never let go. And then she does the exact fucking opposite.
And why, lord why, is she throwing the necklace into the ocean? IT’S NOT SYMBOLIC IN ANY WAY. He’d spent over 3 years searching for that shit, and she just throws it into the sea along with his career.



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