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maj 4, 2012 / yuyui9

Turn Left At Crossroad Before Driving Over Edge of a Cliff



The other day there was the premiere of the Avengers and I really just need to get this out.
It was literally the best movie experience ever. Besides getting placed next to an obnoxious fanboy who laughed at everything.

I, still being unsure of what to do when by myself in public, forgot how to walk and kept tripping over my own feet.
It was not pretty.

But ohmy ohmy I had not expected to love the Hulk so much. Seriously.
And Coulson, when he died the whole audience became quiet as in respect.
Even the annoying guy sitting next to me.
BUT OH MY HEART the tears I shed.
And the Captain America trading cards that were never signed. jesuschrist

And the ending, the whole audience applauded. That was a first for me.
I applauded, too because goddammit that was the best thing I have ever seen.

Now I’m just looking forward to Captain America 2, Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 because fuck yes.



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